The annual Meeting of the Minds conference focuses on undergraduate research and scholarship at the 15 ACC member schools and represents the power and synergy that can exist between athletics and academics.

141212 ACC_Primary_Digital_DBG-3Undergraduate students at all ACC universities are involved in numerous projects, which provide unique contributions to research and creativity in a variety of fields. The annual ACC Meeting of the Minds Conference has become an opportunity for universities in the ACC to highlight the diversity of research being conducted by undergraduates and for students to share their work with peers across the ACC.

The 11th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference welcomes student projects in any research area. Projects should entail and demonstrate proficiency in directed research or creative scholarship.

Research may include:

  • Lab Experiments
  • Field Research
  • Art/Sculpture Display
  • Architecture¬†and Design
  • Archival Research
  • Comparative Analyses
  • Education Research
  • Video/Film Production (use DVD recordings)
  • Interviews and Surveys
  • Original Computer and Web Applications
  • Theoretical Analyses
  • Music/Dance/Theater Performance (use DVD recordings, some live performances may be accommodated)